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Welcome to Eko Bear, a Canadian online store of organic and eco-friendly toys based in Ottawa, Ontario!

It all started with a dream to start my very own business and an increasing interest to be more environmentally friendly. My husband and I noticed that our toddler had no problem differentiating between what goes in the trash and what gets recycled or composted while sometimes we as adults referred to the recycling guide... we realized that it was important to provide our children with more of an eco-friendly environment so that being green would hopefully be second nature for them.

When our son's third birthday came along, we wanted to get him an eco-friendly toy. As a mother shopping with an infant and a soon to be preschooler, getting out of the house in cold weather and finding very little options per store was surprising and frustrating.

So came the birth of Eko Bear! All eco-friendly and playful too! An online store with affordable, greener options for you, your children and our planet. All the research is done for you; every product is eco-friendly. From biodegradable toys, toys made from recycled materials, toys made with sustainability in mind and just as importantly made with colours that are safe for our little ones as well as our planet.

For your convenience, you can read a summary of what makes the products of each brand eco-friendly in the shop by brand page.

If you are looking for something in particular and you didn’t find it on Eko Bear, please contact me and I will do my very best to try and get it for you.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience!


Linda Peters

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