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Discoveroo was established by a mother and father team in Sydney, Australia with the objective of making high quality eco-friendly wooden toys more accessible to families and children all over the world.

Made from 100% Plantation Woods and coloured with vegetable-based non-toxic paints, Discoveroo eco-friendly toys are rigoroursly tested and certified compliant with all the relevant safety standards in each country where they are sold - Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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Sorteroo Garbage Truck
The Discoveroo Sorteroo Garbage Truck opens from the back. This beautiful eco-friendly wooden sorting set, both fresh and vintagey, features cheerful colours and simple, fun design. Includes 7 differe ...
Fruit Music Set
The easy, fun-looking shapes and textures of this adorable Discoveroo Fruit Music Set is a big hit with the little ones. Includes an apple xylophone, lemon maraca, lime and melon castanets and pear gu ...
Patisserie Tea Set
Eco-friendly tea time! A visual feast, this deliciously beautiful wooden tea set from Discoveroo comes with 15 pieces on a tray: puddings, chocolate and strawberry cakes, lollipops, biscuits, jelly ro ...
Farm Tractor Trailer Set
The eco-friendly Discoveroo Farm Tractor Trailer wooden set, both fresh and vintagey, features cheerful colors and simple, fun design. Includes a tractor, 2 trailers, the farmer, a cow, a pig, 4 hay b ...
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