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Maxim Enterprise Inc has been manufacturing "Green" products for quite some time. The use of reforested land and government approved suppliers is not a new concept to them. For over 45 years they have been leading the way in quality wood manufacturing and they're not about to stop now. The EverEarth line of toys by Maxim Enterprise Inc has taken this process one step further, and was created by keeping not only the safety of our children in mind but also the safety of our earth.

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Garden Activity Cube
The EverEarth 6-Sided Garden Activity Cube stands out above the rest by combining high quality craftsmanship, fine motor skill development, and playful graphics in an item that kids love to play with. ...
Organic Farm Set
The EverEarth Organic Farm Set provides children with a fun farm set to play with while educating them about alternative means of farming. ...
The EverEarth Flip-A-Block is a great way for children to learn the alphabet by using picture and letter recognition. Graphics on one side of the block corresponds to the image on the other side. Avai ...
Activity Walker
The EverEarth Activity Walker is made of sturdy wood, is brightly coloured and includes many fun activities. ...
Flip Over Music Triangle
The EverEarth Flip Over Music Triangle includes six musical activities. This sturdy musical instrument is great for the beginner musician, easy to carry and makes for hours of fun. ...
Farmers Market Stand
The EverEarth Farmers Market Stand has three shelves with seven crates filled with assorted fruits and vegetables, milk cartons, one grocery bag and includes the fabric awning. ...
Multi Flower Bead Fun
The EverEarth Multi Flower Bead Fun includes colourful features your child will stay interested for a long time and learn while they're having fun. ...
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