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EKO DEAL: Amazingly Soft and Squishy - 28/04/2011
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Soft, squishy, under-stuffed bear. The Kaloo Naturel has a happy smile to greet your little one each time they meet and features a stylish embroidered appliqué to keep young hands amused. 

Everything that comes in contact with your child skin is 100% certified organic. Kaloo uses their traditional hypo-allergenic poly hollow fiber stuffing, to retain the light, soft feel and easy care Kaloo is famous for, while avoiding the heavy and moisture retaining properties of cotton or wool stuffing. Their faces are computer embroidered for additional piece of mind.

Once arranged in their round gift boxes, a Kaloo soft toy just has to wait for a baby’s arms... 


Save 30% on any of the Kaloo Naturel collection with coupon code EkoD0411KL on April 28th, 2011 until 11:59 PM CT while quantities last.

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